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Seppi B20 Mulcher With Chute for Biomass Collection

Mulcher, shredder and harvester: all in one machine! 130-200 HP

Mulches brush & wood up to 20 cm [8”]

4-in-1 mulcher: collects-mulches-shreds-conveys

Mulches brush & wood up to 20 cm [8”]

The SEPPI B20 mulcher & shredder simplifies and completes the work more efficiently reducing your costs.

B20 mulches brush and wood up to 20 cm, thanks to a powerful, aggressive rotor, with SEPPI M patented fixed tools system. The SEPPI B20 collects biomass from the surface, thanks to the double pick-up device. The pick-up rotors easily transfer raw material to the rotor shaft for the first stage of mulching. Next, a powerful, specially designed disk chipper with HSS steel blades reduces the material to a fine grade which is immediately vacuumed and expelled through an expulsion chute positioned on one side of the tractor. SEPPI B20 is a 4-in-1 mulcher: collects-mulches-shreds-conveys.

SEPPI B20 is perfect for use with reverse-drive tractors. The rear thrust connection allows the B20 to easily chop residual wood, logs and large-diameter plants.

B20’s expulsion chute is controlled by the operator using a hydraulic system (wheel up to 190 °): moreover, its inclination and the adjustable “spout” opening of the expulsion chute make it suitable for any trailer pulled by a second tractor in parallel for collection of the fine biomass. During transport, the SEPPI B20 expulsion chute can be withdrawn hydraulically.

Available working width: 150 cm [59″].


  • Renewal of old orchards
  • Care of olive groves
  • Clearing of site for replanting
  • Collection of biomass for composting
  • Environmental clearing in urban or forestry areas
  • any conditions in which the area must be cleaned of plant residues
  • Disk chipper with with exchangeable wear plates and with internal blades made of wear resistant steel
  • Hydraulically adjustable chute
  • 750 rpm gearbox
  • Dual side belt transmission (2×5)
  • Hydraulically adjustable chute and deflector
  • Support roller
  • Colour: red RAL 3020


  • B20 mulches brush&wood up to 20 cm [8”]
  • Working speed 0-2 km/h
  • Rotor with tungsten carbide hammers MINI DUO; anti-wear hammer support
  • 2 hydraulic pick-up rotors
  • ISO 3-point rear linkage cat. 3, push drive (Reverse drive system recommend, front attachment not possible)


  • PTO drive shaft
  • Chevrons